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ATR Base Maintenance

ATR maintenance, retrofit, modification and structural work is our expertise. We specialize in the ATR 42/72 and offer comprehensive services and in-depth knowledge about all aspects of MRO plus aircraft conversions. Also ask about the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) check packages and 36,000 cycle checks that we offer on fixed terms.

RAS offers all these MRO services for your ATR 42 and ATR 72 airplanes

  • 36,000 cycle checks
  • 33,000 cycle wing modifications
  • 27,000 cycle door modifications
  • All ATR MPD checks
  • Avionics sales, service and modifications (MPC, HF, ELT, EGPWS, Universal FMS modification, and more)
  • Borescope inspections
  • Cabin interior refurbishment
  • Component repairs and overhauls
  • Composite repairs
  • Engine checks and changes
  • Flight control overhauls
  • Interior and cabin refurbishment
  • Leading edge repairs
  • Professional painting, stripping and coating
  • Structural repairs
  • Flight Controls
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Flight Controls

RAS is one of only three companies worldwide certified by ATR for the repair and overhaul of flight controls, such as landing flaps. With ATR certification, you can trust RAS for expert repairs of the flight controls on your ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft.

ATR 42/72 Flight Controls, RAS Staff


An EASA-approved Part 21 Design organization for avionics and electronics solutions, RAS has long been a leader in developing and installing customized avionics. Avionics services include hardware and software updates and upgrades; flight-deck modifications; and system training. RAS is accredited to authorize minor aircraft changes and supervise the approval process.
We are dealers for Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Garmin, and authorized to install MPC modifications, EGPWS, HF, and TCAS systems for the ATR 42/72. Count on us for avionics sales, service – and customization.

ATR 42/72 Avionics

Component Repair and Overhaul

Our certified component shops provide you with fast, reliable support for component maintenance, repairs or modifications.
We have experience working on complex metal component structures, ATR de-icer boot replacements, ATR access panels and fairings, ATR doors and hatches, leading edges, flaps and slats, and much more.

ATR 42/72 Components Repair and Overhaul

Composite Repair

We can patch, refinish and repair your ATR aircraft skin – so it looks and performs like new.
RAS technicians regularly perform skilled composite repairs. With years of training and hands-on experience, we have developed broad expertise in aircraft composites. Carefully applying techniques such as bonding, laminating and scarfing, RAS effects high-quality, long-lasting composite repairs.

ATR 42/72 Composite Repair, RAS Staff

Structural Repair

RAS has the facility and capability to perform all types of ATR structural repairs, including primary and secondary structures.
Count on RAS for repairs to doors and hatches, access panels and fairings, leading edges, flaps and slats. We also have ATR approval to repair or overhaul flight controls.

ATR 42/72 Structural Repair


We have newly created shop capabilities for ATR doors. This includes MRO for all kinds of doors such as passenger doors, cargo doors, emergency exit doors, service doors, landing gear doors. We care for all mechanical and structural issues supporting all aircraft systems.

ATR Doors Shop

Cabin interiors

We restore and refurbish the interiors of ATR aircraft. Our skilled craftsmen can repair or replace window panels, seat rails, overhead bins, floor panels, carpets and linings. Your passengers will appreciate the renewed appearance and comfort.

ATR 42/72 cabin interiors, lining, bins, panels, floor


With our broad experience in aircraft modification, RAS should be your first choice when you need to convert an aircraft for a new mission.
Whether you need to change a seating configuration or the cargo capacity, we are ready to advise and assist. Contact one of our ATR specialists to get started.

ATR 42/72 conversions, passenger, air cargo

Engine Storage Cover

Complete covers enclose the entire engine. They protect the engine in harsh environmental conditions from sand, dust, snow and rain. They completely cover the Nacelle including the air intake and exhaust. Available with or without propeller cut out.

ATR 42/72 Engine Storage Cover

Cockpit Seat Repair and Overhaul Capability

We have established ATR cockpit and cabin seat repair and overhaul capability to cover and prevent AOG´s caused by defective cockpit seats. Our pool of ATR cockpit seats is unique and we have low turnaround times.

Pilot Seat Repair and Overhaul